Avatars Cannot Die

Ingrid Schmitz / Sameja Lomba

With her ​​detective novel 2 Life – 1 death – now published by Droste Verlag, Dusseldorf -, the author Ingrid Schmitz discovered a new genre. The first detective novelist ever has made ​​the mixing of the real and virtual world on the subject. So there is the serial character Mia Magaloff from Niederrhein future virtually real, with its own identity, the live virtual characters from the story further, you can visit the sites on the Internet.

Content: As the Krefeld investigator Mia Magaloff will pick up an object for the flea market at the old woman writer, she realizes that this is confused and unkempt and urgently needs help. Mia tries whose son Malvin achieve, but also with him is something wrong. Day in and day out it is in a virtual world. Mia must also log there, so that they can talk to his conscience and he finally takes care of his mother. But as she learns that a virtual murder is not a real, but may well be a reality. The trail to the murderer leads them back to the second life.

Also for their readings has Ingrid Schmitz come up with something. It offers a multimedia reading with Power Point presentation to bring gently towards publicizing the virtual world and the criminal case.

Here are the dates for the book launch in two worlds:

Real Life: 03. April 2009 – 20.15 Hotel Golden Tulip Cleve, Tichelstr. 11, 47533 Kleve, admission € 5, incl. 1 Prosecco

Second Life: 08th April – 21.00, in Second Life Event Iceland


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