Personal Review of Arvixe’s Services

arvixeBasically, I have made a simple yet unbiased review of Arvixe Hosting Company since I have tried their services to most of my business sites. It would be better if I will share my experiences and thoughts about Arvixe.

Well-trained Customer Service Support:

Essentially, their customer service support can be reached via live chat, e-mail ticketing system, and telephone calls. Moreover, their support service is good since you can call them anytime and ask them everything about your subscriptions.

Exceptional Uptime Speed record

Regardless of their down time issues, Arvixe has continued to be one of the most reliable web hosting provider. Fortunately, I was able to test their uptime speed, and to my surprise, it nearly reached 100 percent. I have to say, they have an incredible uptime record so far. watch the video about arvixe reviews below:

Affordable web hosting plans

Arvixe’s hosting prices vary from $4 a month all the way to $429 a month for dedicated class server. It may be expensive but the inclusions are superb. I do believe if you spend for as low as 4 dollars for their shared hosting, you will save a lot of money and enjoy unlimited features and service.

Disadvantage of Arvixe

Generally, the only problem of Arvixe is that their customer support service is slow. I read a lot of hosting reviews about the company, and one common objection is that they cannot solve technical issues faster. Although their customer supports are skilled and knowledgeable, there are still some who cannot deal with proper customer service which I hope they can change and improve.



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