The Most Effective Ideas In Dealing with Lightroom Presets

I have been using post processing tools like Adobe Lightroom for years now and I’ve realized that the more I use it to my image, the more great photographs I produce. The program is not only for photo editing alone, Lightroom is the best tool for photo management, video and image presentation, manual editing and application of presets.


In this article, I decided to give a short input on how to manage your images on the library module. Ever since I started using Lightroom, I was amazed with how the program can actually store millions of images. However, you need to be knowledgeable in dealing with Lightroom presets.

Manage Your Images Regularly

By simply managing your images from time to time, you will be able to organize your images and put it on where it should belong.

Back-up Your Lightroom Files

The more you use Adobe Lightroom to modify your images, the more you need to download or create presets. However, when the time comes that you’ve installed thousands of best lightroom presets for photographers from other sources; you must also back up your files to prevent losing the important ones if the program collapses.

Add Metadata When Importing a File in Lightroom

Adding general keywords in Lightroom such as name of location and body number of camera is not enough. You need to add a specific titles or metadata such as a definitive keyword names or copyright phrases to find images easily.

Always Review the Library Module

Most experts say that it is always best to take a quick look and review the library module. Sometimes, there are images that didn’t belong to a certain folder. You also need to reorganize the files once in a while.

Learn the Shortcut Keys in Lightroom

Lastly, you need to learn the basic shortcut keys in Lightroom. Adobe has produced a list of the most useful shortcut that you can use in Lightroom.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

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